Top Gear Coming Soon!!

In the news today….BBC 2 have released a trailer confirming the last few episodes of Top Gear will be shown!  Why are we telling you this?  Well if you remember, on a cold and frosty morning last year we delivered some caravans to the BBC who were filming locally for Top Gear. 

We delivered three caravans to them, it was all a bit of a rush at the time but you can see some photos of the caravans taken by the BBC on their website and also see them in the trailer above.  There is one caravan which we didn’t supply and that’s the one with the brown bottom to it so they obviously used one for each of the presenters plus the Stig.
We are pleased to see that the footage is going to be used as when we heard Top Gear had been axed it was disappointing having put in such hard work to get them delivered to them on time.
Some dealers have said they would never supply as Top Gear make fun out of caravanners, but these caravans were only going to go for scrap, it would be a bit different it they were demolishing a brand new £20k caravan. I think most people that watch Top Gear realise that it’s all a bit of a joke and don’t take it too seriously. We caravan ourselves and don’t take it to heart!